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For more information on linking your meter and pump, refer to the User Guide or Quick Reference Guide that came with your meter. 4 Meter medtronic from Ascensia Diabetes Care is the only meter approved for use with the MiniMed 630G system and Minimed 670G system. The CONTOUR®NEXT LINK meter is the only linking meter provided with Medtronic Insulin Pumps*, and CONTOUR®NEXT test strips are the only test strips that work with the CONTOUR®NEXT LINK meter. CONTOUR ® LINK PLUS 2.

Press Auto Connect. Remote bolus: Use your CONTOUR ® NEXT LINK 2. THE CONTOUR ® NEXT LINK 2. 4 Glucose Meter Guardian™ 2 Link with Enlite™ Sensor Guardian™ Link 3 with Guardian™ Sensor 3 Self-funding CGM Accessories MiniMed™ Insulin Pump Accessories i-Port Advance™ Injection Port Software Guardian™ Connect Carelink™. What test strips do CONTOUR ® LINK PLUS 2.

The idea is to make insulin dosing easier. Press OK when asked Connect to a MiniMed Pump. If you are not using the meter link feature on your compatible Medtronic MiniMed device, you may want to turn the Send option off on your CONTOUR NEXT LINK meter and Medtronic MiniMed device to save battery power. The Bolus ™ Wizard ™ calculates and recommends correct insulin doses 1 automatically, so you can manage your insulin more conveniently and precisely. CONTOUR ® NEXT LINK 2. What is Contour Next Link meter?

MRI GUIDELINES AND MANUALS. The CONTOUR®NEXT LINK meter allows seamless integration as part of the MiniMed® 530G insulin pump system, transmitting proven highly accurate1 blood glucose results wirelessly to the insulin pump. Medtronic Blood Glucose Meter CONTOUR LINK Operation & user’s manual (26 pages) 3: Medtronic Contour Next Link 2. The CONTOUR®NEXT LINK 2. 4 Quick Reference Manual Wireless blood glucose monitoring system.

4 bezdrôtovo odosiela namerané hodnoty glykémie priamo do inzulínovej pumpy Medtronic MiniMed™, čím vám šetrí čas aj námahu Dávkovanie bolusu jedným tlačidlom: Odošlite ručne alebo vopred nastavenú bolusovú dávku z glukomera CONTOUR PLUS LINK 2. I think this might be true based on my recent experience. Send a manual or pre-set bolus dose directly from the CONTOUR ® NEXT LINK 2. 4 communicate with different Medtronic insulin pumps. Discreet remote bolus dosing at the touch of a button. 4 Meter has helped to close the gap between laboratory accuracy and real-word test results 1,2.

4 wirelessly sends blood glucose results directly to your Medtronic MiniMed insulin pump to help save you time and effort. The CONTOUR™ NEXT LINK meter is for use exclusively with CONTOUR™ NEXT test strips for results you can count on. Send a manual or pre-set bolus dose directly from the CONTOUR®NEXT LINK 2. Who this meter suits: Medtronic MiniMed ™ 640G users who want to send blood glucose results wirelessly to their insulin pump. Other features of CONTOUR NEXT LINK include:. 4 către pompa de insulină MiniMed 640G. The CONTOUR®NEXT LINK meter is the only meter that is labeled for use with MiniMed 530G insulin pump. 4 meter to your MiniMed ® 640G and 670G.

CONTOUR® Next Link 2. With Manual Connect, you will be prompted to enter the device (meter) serial number so the pump can find your meter. A confirmatory finger stick test via the CONTOUR ® NEXT LINK 2.

4 blood glucose meter pdf manual download. Dozarea bolusului prin simpla atingere a unui buton: trimiteți doza de bolus introdusă manual sau presetată direct din glucometrul CONTOUR NEXT/PLUS LINK 2. Database contains 2 Medtronic MyCareLink Smart Manuals (available for free online viewing or downloading in PDF): Troubleshooting manual, Setup instructions. Hold the Menu button until the meter turns on.

4 meter offers a modern design with multiple features for greater ease of use and discretion. The CONTOUR ® NEXT LINK is compatible with the MiniMed™ Veo™ insulin pump, the MiniMed™ Real Time insulin pump and Guardian™ REAL-TIME CGM system. All therapy adjustments should be based on measurements obtained using the CONTOUR ® NEXT LINK 2. connection to minimed 630g and minimed 670g insulin pump (2 pages). The meter and pump search for each other, and you just need to confirm the serial numbers to connect. User Manuals, Guides and Specifications for your Medtronic MyCareLink Smart Medical Equipment. 4 to send blood glucose and insulin data to Medtronic’s CareLink™ Personal Software or use it to recharge the battery.

What is a contour link 2. This is important because a manual BG entry mistake may result in an incorrect insulin bolus calculation by the pump. Scroll down to your language medtronic contour link manual and press OK. 4 blood glucose meter and not on values provided by the Guardian™ Sensor (3).

Send a manual or pre-set Bolus ™ dose directly from the CONTOUR ™ NEXT LINK 2. Bolus dosing at the touch of a button: send a manual or preset bolus dose directly from the CONTOUR® NEXT LINK 2. 4 BGMS automatically transmits blood glucose results into the MiniMed 630G pump, eliminating manual blood glucose entry errors to the pump, which often can result in an.

4 quick reference manual online. Linking Your Pump medtronic contour link manual to A Meter. CONTOUR ® NEXT LINK METER PORTFOLIO. The only FDA approved linking meter portfolio for use with Medtronic MiniMed™ insulin pump systems. 4 meter to your MiniMed™ 640G insulin pump. 4 do inzulínovej pumpy MiniMed™ 640G. 00), illetve küldhet e-mailt az alábbi címre: The Contour Link from Bayer and Medtronic is a blood glucose meter which wirelessly transmits blood test results to your Medtronic insulin pump. Description Bayer’s CONTOUR™ NEXT LINK meter with Bayer&39;s enhanced accuracy communicates wirelessly with Medtronic insulin devices for optimized insulin delivery made easy.

The meters from the CONTOUR ® NEXT LINK ** portfolio were exclusively designed to transmit proven highly accurate 1,2 CONTOUR ® NEXT blood glucose test strip results wirelessly to compatible MiniMed™ insulin pumps for easy and accurate CGM calibration. Your CONTOUR NEXT LINK meter and compatible Medtronic MiniMed device must be within 4 feet of each other. This allows you to automatically send your glucose readings to your pump, give remote boluses, and upload your pump and meter information to CareLink®software. If you use a compatible Medtronic device and are interested in getting a CONTOUR ® PLUS LINK meter, you can contact Medtronic suport at If you are using Minimed™ 640G Insulin pump, you will automatically get the CONTOUR ® LINK PLUS medtronic contour link manual 2. It is an update to the CONTOUR ® LINK meter, and it uses CONTOUR ® PLUS test strips. CONTOUR® PLUS LINK 2.

4 wirelessly sends blood glucose readings directly to your Medtronic MiniMed ® insulin pump to help save you time and effort. The new CONTOUR® PLUS LINK 2. CONTOUR ® PLUS LINK is a new model which connects wirelessly to the same Medtronic devices. 4 allows: Bolus dosing at the touch of a button.

Medtronic contour link manual

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